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Open window in the sky, a pewter pot.
Answer: Month

My ties walks.
Answer: Shoes

It ends in the field,
Machine bends,
Morning Evening

He kisses our face.
Answer: Towel

Not long rope,
It's not a dog.
Answer: Snake

Two glazed windows,
Looks up everywhere.
Answer: Glasses

Its essence is sweet, the word is sweet, Candan is more precious.
Answer: Mother

I run from the city to the city, I go from village to village, but I never move.
Answer: way

I have no hair on my head,
A lot of taste in me.
Answer: Pumpkin

There's no door.
Answer: Phone

A magic flashlight, I'm burnt without a beat.
Answer: Bulb

Good to look at,
It's on.
Answer: Rose

My name is two syllables, I work daylight.
Answer: Hours

Mouth in tongue, arifsen bil
Answer: Kaval

As soon as he has a mouth, he has a bed, but never sleeps.
Answer: Streams

God makes the structure. The knife opens the door.
Answer: Watermelon

If I open the world would be ash if I burn.
Answer: Map

He's got a tail, not alive. He talks, but he's not human. It's a window, not a window.
Answer: Television

I'm an animal, he's got a long nose from his tail.
Answer: Elephant

There is a mountain, no stone, no village, no man, no river, no water.
Answer: Map

He's got his feet;
cleanse her belly, her soul no.
Answer: Jacket

We were we, We were thirty-two girls We were squeezed, We gathered together.
Answer: Teeth

He arrives at the mountain and comes to the village.
Answer: Ax

Bound in the garden
Answer: Cabbage

I go, he goes, he tucks inside of me.
Answer: Heart

Her slim waist, my hand.
Answer: Fork

Small square box,
It's full of people.
Answer: Television

It's on the oil lamp, there's no candle, it's in a handkerchief, it's not in the sackcloth.
Answer: Language

I looked at a remote karatas,
I went to a four-foot head.
Answer: Turtle

My teeth like pearls, woods.
Answer: Saw

Evening hand in hand on mud, morning coal.
Answer: Henna

I stand between two of you. I'il make them talk.
Answer: Phone

Hand cuts, tongue cuts
Answer: Text

Ha two wheels, three wheels, How do you go with two feet?
Answer: Bicycle

Gives information to everyone, is the most beautiful friend.
Answer: Books

He has a handle, a hundred balls.
Answer: Grapes

Curved spoon, adhered to the wall.
Answer: Ear

In the hands of the rich,
In the language of the Fukaran.
Answer: Money

The head of the dish,
The vaccine of the patient.
Answer: Soup

Needless to know,
Inadequate to the unknown;
The elders say,
The little ones listen.

He's got a tail, not a horse. There's a wing, not a bird.
Answer: Fish

There is no outside;
Kick, no crime.
Answer: Top

The doctor gave it to me,
I drank.
I recovered quickly.
Answer: Drug

Stance life,
Eyes of coal,
Freezes cold,
Kills hot.
Answer: Snowman

The mouth has wood, it has a chimney smoke smoke.
Answer: Stove

Water is not salty,
Vapisiz never impassable,
If the winds blow too much,
The waves don't fall.
Answer: Sea

In the sky I saw a bridge, the color has seven kinds.
Answer: Rainbow

I go, he goes The sun follows me
Answer: Shadow

The evening we were looked at were not there, I looked at the morning.
Answer: Star