Series A, Spal-Roma 2-1: the Champions league race is complicated for the giallorossi - Vezir Ajans

Series A, Spal-Roma 2-1: the Champions league race is complicated for the giallorossi

Unlock Fares to 22', in the second half and drew level Perotti penalty.Then Petagna from the diskette signature the winning goal

The first realRomeofRanieribreaking into the house of theSpal, 2-1. Home teamSimplenot won since September 17, against Atalanta.Against roma, this year has done a good booty after the victory at the Olimpico in the first leg: of the 26 points, 6 came against Rome.Failed the attachment temporary toInter fourth, the giallorossi now must look to the shoulders.

The raceChampions it complicates tremendously after this ko.Schickteamed withDzekoit has not worked.The team has yet to digest the changes brought in by Ranieri, but the time is short.In the shot of the entrance ofZaniolohas revitalized a little roma but it was not enough.After the 2-1 win on his debut for Empoli toOlympic, the coach of the San Saba cash in the first ko of these 12 end (now there are 10).In the shot of the entrance ofZaniolohas revitalized a bit the team, but it was not enough.

THE CHOICES OF RANIERI -Ranieri findsDzekoandFaziobut it must deal again with so many unavailable: De Rossi, Kolarov, Manolas, the Shepherd, the Pilgrims, Under, more Florenzi is disqualified.The technician giallorosso it relies on the 4-4-2 with the pair Schick-Dzeko in attack.Zaniolo is on the bench, Ranieri chooses Kluivert.Simple 4-4-2 leaves him, after the poor results of the past few days, and switch to 3-5-2.
BAD ROME - We expect aRomeaggressive, determined to take the game now.Instead, the giallorossi are off, slow, awkward.TheSpalwait without risking anything, then attack on the break, especially with Lazzari, who is crazy and Juan Jesus, especially when El Shaarawy does not provide it assistance.The Rome relies on long balls to Olsen, and he never in the door.The 17' Spal has the first opportunity to take the lead, with Murgia that affects in the neck, sending the ball slightly to the side.The Rome does not mention any reaction: continue vivacchiare and hope for some inspiration of the attackers that never comes.22' the City goes ahead withFareshead aboveKarsdorpand beatsOlsen. Three minutes later the hosts have a great chance to double up with Kurtic, who is starting a shot drive from the edge.The first ring enough to 35', with Dzeko going the way of the force, and shoot on Goal.Three minutes after we test out: El Shaarawy, but not part of the port.They are the only two shots of a first time unwatchable.Dzeko nervous you take the yellow because back in the locker room pushes the ds of the Spal,Vagnati.

DUE RIGORI - Nella ripresa Ranieri cambia entrambi gli esterni a centrocampo nella speranza di scuotere la squadra: dentro Zaniolo e Perotti, fuori Kluivert ed El Shaarawy. La mossa dà i suoi frutti perché anche se la manovra non migliora, al 52' Zaniolo si inventa una grande giocata per servire Dzeko, trattenuto in area da Cionek: è rigore e giallo per Rocchi. Dal dischetto Perotti spiazza Viviano. La Roma prende coraggio, ma in difesa continua a ballare. Al 59' la Spal parte in contropiede e Petagna va giù in area dopo un lieve contatto con Juan Jesus. Per Rocchiè rigore anche questo e conferma la decisione dopo un lungo silent check. Dal dischetto Petagna non sbaglia e riporta avanti la Spal. 73' Dzeko prova a prendere la Roma sulle spalle e si inventa una grande giocata, ma Viviano gli nega il gol con un miracolo. Al 79' Cionek di testa colpisce la parte alta della traversa. Ranieri si gioca l'ultima carta: Santon al posto di Karsdorp. Nel finale la Roma prova a schiacciare la Spal ma non impensierisce mai Viviano. La squadra di Semplici non vinceva da sei giornate: grande festa al Mazza per tre punti che l'allontanano dalla zona salvezza. La Roma torna a casa con tanti problemi da risolvere.